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Microsoft and Phishing

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Using the internet is hard work. I always have a lingering feeling that there's someone trying to trick me into signing up for, and sometimes even purchasing, things I don't want.


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I joined my current employer 1 year ago today. Happy anniversary to me!

Coloring outside the lines in Chrome for Android

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There seems to be a trend in websites that color the address bar of Chrome on Android. While I'm not convinced this is always a good idea, it got me curious on how it was implemented.

Social Media - why are you even here?

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Many of us have probably been told by various gurus at one point or another that our companies need to be on social media. And gosh darn, there's little doubt that it can do wonders for your relationship with your customers. But - and there's always a 'but' - only if you do it right. For example, if I set up an email account and display that on my website alongside my phone number, my customers would assume that I am reachable on email.

Compressing your social meta tags

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We've all been there. Adding the Twitter card tags, the Open Graph tags, the Google+ tags; you end up with so much duplicate content in your header that your head starts to spin.

Treating Elasticsearch documents like Eloquent models

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Sometimes you want to use Eloquent without a regular database table storing the data, so what do you do?

Implementing Quick Action Buttons for Gmail

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If you're a Gmail or Google Apps user like me you've probably seen the occassional button next to the subject line in your inbox and pondered "that's sweet, I want that for my website too!".

What defines a tech company?

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There are two types of companies; the ones that use technology and the ones that are based on it. The distinction isn't crystal clear to most people, so I'll try to briefly explain what I'm referring to.

I have a blog!

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Hello world!