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I've tried to scribble down some of the things I've been busy building while you were out there looking for me. This is a non-exhaustive list that probably wont get updated very regularly, but it'll give you an idea of what I can help you with.

Dynamo Plus

An API client written in Javascript. Reduces complexity when working with AWS' DynamoDB.

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Item Tracing

My team was team responsible for building an application to track every unit of product ever shipped by the company as a means to reduce counterfeiting.

I architected, implemented and set up monitoring, and coached the team on industry best-practises for software development and testing.

GEJA Smycken

An e-commerce built on serverless technologies from the ground up, running on AWS infrastructure with a React frontend.

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Integration Platform

When I started working with Apsis' Profile Cloud integrations were built as standalone apps and cumbersome to maintain due to fragmentation in level of quality. I built a platform in NodeJS that allowed developers to focus on the individual integrations rather than the boilerplate for managing data lookup and translations to whatever format the integration required, as well as support for conditionally triggering events.


Happn's UI has many shortcomings, but none bigger than the inability to find crossings at a specific point in space or time I built happn-map as a tool to remedy this.

Update: As of September 2018, this feature is now natively present in their app.

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A Javascript module to poll for notifications from just one tab, but applying the updates in all the open tabs.

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MMO clan tools

I built an API for the MMORPG sandbox Naval Action that provides normalised world data from the servers.

For the site I built search tools and dynamic pages such as player profiles and world economy summaries.

CRM tool

A client needed a portal to organize and reach out to their leads. I built a tool that integrated with GMail to allow conversations to seamlessly move between the users' regular inboxes and the CRM.

Ecommerce ERP integration

As Animail acquired two new stores they needed to integrate them with their existing Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP. This was done by building an API for normalisation that could either pull order data in intervals or receive it directly from the store as a push message.

In addition, the API was responsible for redistributing stock updates and relevant shipment data to the stores.

Barcode scanner web app

For our warehouse we bought Android phones with integrated barcode readers and I was tasked with building APIs and an app to put ERP functionality in the hands of the staff on the floor.

As a side-project I built Bark-JS to enable parsing barcodes that were encoded with the GS1-128 standard.


Managing an e-store is tricky. I built a blazing fast search engine that indexes orders and shows additional information from various integrated services such as the payment provider, the shipping company and our customer support tool HelpScout.


I've dabbled with enough servers to be comfortable with setting up production-grade firewalls, Redis, NFS, HAProxy, CDNs and all those other tidbits you'd expect a kickass website to use.

Blog and Portfolio

I built this blog with Laravel 5. It has a markdown editor and supports uploading images directly to the Cloudinary CDN.

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Svensk BĂ„tutbildning needed a new booking system and wanted it to eliminate the manual chores of handling payments.

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Returns portal

We needed a tailormade system for RMA to handle all of the edge cases that may occur when you sell food online, I ended up building a single page app with Laravel and Handlebars.

The page is multilingual, features an administrative interface,and integrates with the shipping provider.

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Performance optimization

I'm a big fan of New Relic and the flame charts in Chrome's Developer Tools. Few things make me feel as bad-ass as cutting load times in half by implementing caches in just the right places and refactoring heavy bits of business logic.

Map editor

I built a level editor for a game to explore the fundamentals of single-page apps as well as push my frontend performance optimization skills to the limit.

It's now on Github.


I wrote an app to search the Stockholm apartment rental queue. It was built with Phonegap Build so that I could use the frameworks I know and love.

The app featured a localStorage cache, a serverside API, and realtime filtering of search results.


I have extensive Drupal experience from my time at Klarna. Their needs for a scalable and multilingual platform with strong permissions management led us to migrate their main website from Joomla and rebuild it entirely in Drupal.

Social feed aggregation

We were tasked with showing the company's activity on social networks. I ended up writing a library in PHP for fetching, processing, and caching data from Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

On top of the cached data we refreshed it with Javascript in the client's browser, in realtime, for a smooth experience.


I built account management, highscores, character statistics, guild administration and much more to integrate an OpenTibia server with vBulletin.