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Joakim Hedlund

Web enthusiast


Usually working out of Stockholm, Sweden I enjoy building things that make peoples lives more convenient.

I'm passionate about the user experience and try to promote its impact on business metrics as often as I can.

Recent work

Below are my three latest braggable projects. See my portfolio for a broader view.

Single page app

I built a level editor for a game to explore the fundamentals of single-page apps as well as push my frontend performance optimization skills to the limit.

It's now on Github.

See it in action

Returns portal

We needed a tailormade system for RMA to handle all of the edge cases that may occur when you sell food online, I ended up building a single page app with Laravel and Handlebars.

See it in action


Managing an e-store is tricky. I built a blazing fast search engine that indexes orders and shows additional information from various integrated services such as the payment provider, the shipping company and our customer support tool HelpScout.