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Joakim Hedlund

Web enthusiast


Usually working out of Stockholm, Sweden I enjoy building things that make peoples lives more convenient.

I'm passionate about the user experience and try to promote its impact on business metrics as often as I can.


I've tried to scribble down some of the things I've been busy building while you were out there looking for me. This is a non-exhaustive list that probably wont get updated very regularly, but it'll give you an idea of what I can help you with.

OTWorlds UI

Single page app

I built a level editor for a game to explore the fundamentals of single-page apps as well as push my frontend performance optimization skills to the limit.

See it in action View on Github

Photo by Hermann Kaser

Performance optimization

I'm a big fan of New Relic and the flame charts in Chrome's Developer Tools. Few things make me feel as bad-ass as cutting load times in half.

Android app

Android app

I wrote an app to search the Stockholm apartment rental queue. It was built with Phonegap Build so that I could use the frameworks I know and love.

The app featured a localStorage cache, a serverside API, and realtime filtering of search results.

Svensk BĂ„tutbildning


Svensk BĂ„tutbildning needed a new booking system and wanted it to eliminate the manual chores of handling payments.

Screenshot of the social feed in action

Social feed aggregation

We were tasked with showing the company's activity on social networks. I ended up writing a library in PHP for fetching, processing, and caching the data.

On top of the cached data we refreshed it with Javascript in the client's browser, in realtime, for a smooth experience.

Photo by Norlando Pobre


I've dabbled with enough servers to feel comfortable around setting up production-grade firewalls, Redis, NFS, HAProxy, CDNs and all those other tidbits you'd expect a kickass website to use.

Klarna logo


I have extensive Drupal experience from my time in Klarna. Their needs for a scalable and multilingual platform led us to build the main website from the bottom and up in Drupal.


Managing an e-store is tricky. I built a blazing fast search engine that indexes orders and shows additional information from various integrated services such as the payment provider, the shipping company and our customer support tool HelpScout.

Returns portal

We needed a tailormade system for RMA to handle all of our edge cases, I ended up building a (mostly) single page app in a blended combo of Laravel and Handlebars.

Photo by Valerie Everett

Barcode scanner web app

With a bit of JS and backend APIs the warehouse staff is now able to quickly look up shipment labels and product storage locations.

Screenshot from World 7


I built account management, highscores, character statistics, guild administration and much more to integrate an OpenTibia server with vBulletin.